Our Facility

Once Upon A Time Center is a child and parents’ dream come true. We are the safest, cleanest, and most creative indoor “edutainment” and play facility in the Capital Region. Our boutique-style play village is designed for you to help nurture your child’s imagination and creativity in a healthy and fun environment. 


Please note: Socks are required for any child or adult who enters the indoor play space area. 

Children's Pirate Party

The Pirate Ship encourages playfulness and adventure! While exploring the ups and downs and ins and outs of the ship, children are learning the importance of enjoying new experiences & taking risks. Being adventurous in a safe environment helps children become resilient and gives them the independence to develop into creative thinkers..

Mine Shaft

The  Mine Shaft encourages kids to explore the unknown. Kids can use imaginative plan in a scaled down version of a mine. Kids can have the opportunity to role play, and experience the world of the underground. 

Play Palace

The Play Palace a magic fortress for make-believe. Inside the castle, children can let their imaginations soar, making it possible to experience a whole world inside their minds.Exercising the imagination teaches children the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and enables one to mentally explore the past and the future.

The  Theater encourages musical and dramatic play. The sweet sound of parental applause that follows a make-believe performance is a terrific confidence-builder for every child!

Kid's Diner

At the Diner, your child is not just cooking up their favorite meal, they are exploring role playing and discovering how to work with others.The diner provides a shared space for cooperation, negotiation, and social skill development.

Kid's Hideout

The  Hideout encourages discovery and provides opportunities to strengthen ones sense of self. This a two-tier structure that will help your child strengthen muscle coordination, balance, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Providing physical and mental challenges with a full body workout is the perfect way to engage a child and keep their minds active and bodies in motion.