Preschool Academy Curriculum

A Truly Customized Learning Experience!

Once Upon A Time Preschool Academy’s professionally designed preschool curriculum supports your child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Our curriculum combines a play-based model that encourages open-ended discovery along with a structured format supported by materials and ideas that will inspire your children through art, music, logic games and hands-on investigations.

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Low student:teacher ratio & classes 

Social & Emotional Development


Integrate a social-emotional component into lesson plans to help children identify feelings, self-regulate and build relationships. Proven to support good academic performance in future schooling.

Physical Development


Actively engage your child’s mind and body through activities that develop gross and fine motor skills and increase strength, muscle control and coordination.

Creative Development


Support your child in expressing ideas and imagination through music, dance, dramatic play and art. “Play" is a safe place where children are exploring the expression of emotion with no attending consequences” (Gaskins and Miller, 2009).

Language & Literacy



communication and connection with others through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our literacy-rich curriculum invites your child to ask questions and explore ideas through discussion, story telling and dramatic play. We also incorporate second language development into our program.

Math & Reasoning


Learning to count, understand number sense, manipulate objects in space, create patterns, sort, compare and measure.

Science & Social Studies


Exploring everyday life, physical properties within the surrounding environment and making sense of concepts such as weather, natural habitats, and technology. Your child will gain the ability to understand him/herself in relation to the surrounding world.

True learning occurs through children’s experiences. We provide a range of experiences so that each child will learn, grow, and thrive. Our daily program includes circle time, dramatic play, music and movement, science, language, math, art, story time and much more. We offer an equal balance of cognitive and social development allowing your child to blossom as a well rounded individual. We instill self confidence which is key to the learning process.

In addition to our whole child based curriculum, Once Upon A Time Preschool also includes weekly: 

 Rhythmic Movement Classes

Music & Art 

Language Development