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Developing a child’s imagination and social skills through creative play is essential to their development. Our endless creative play opportunities are enhanced with daily enrichment activities, specialty workshops and weekly classes. Your child will learn elements of art, science, theater and more while engaging in a variety of creative play opportunities!


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Mommy and Me

Sit, Stretch, and Play

Ages: 18 mo-3 yrs  Duration: 45 min

Wednesday's 10-10:45 am

10 Wk Session: Sept 20 -Nov 22   Cost: $100

Enroll in this session and you and your little one will build creativity, confidence and social skills. This program is designed to help young children learn and develop in many areas while they play. We will use music and song, tumbling equipment, imaginary play, parachute, balance beam and many more hands on activities. Loads of fun for your toddler.  Free Trial Class Available!  Call 312-4290 to Register

My Ballet Tea Party

Ages: 2 years  Duration: 45 Min

Tuesday''s 10-10:45 am

10 Wk Session: Sept 19 -Nov 21   Cost: $100

Wear your tutus and tiaras! This class playfully introduces the basic positions and movements of ballet using music, games, creative imagery, and stories. Then, enjoy a special tea party in your tutu after the dancing is done. At the end of the semester, the dancers will have a special tea and dance session to share with family and friends. 

Tuck, Tumble and Jam Party 

Ages: 3-5 years Duration: 45 Min

Tuesday's 11-11:45 am

10 Wk Session: Sept 19 -Nov 21   Cost: $100

Calling all high energy life lovers! We will keep your young ones moving between the tumbling instruction on our gymnastics mats and balancing on our balancing beam to Bopping to the beat and learning age appropriate hip hop dance moves.  Buckle up cause this class will keep you hoppin!

Prima Ballerinas

Ages: 3 years, 4 & 5 years    Duration: 45 Min

Wednesday's 12-12:45 am

10 Wk Session: Sept 20 -Nov 22   Cost: $100

Pirouette and plié! Prima ballerinas will learn new ballet skills and concepts, and improve their balance, rhythm, and flexibility. Then, they’ll enjoy a special tea party and story after the dancing is done. Throughout the semester, the dancers will choreograph a show to perform for family and friends on the last day of class. 

Little Messy Artists

Ages: 3-5 yrs  Duration: 45 Min

Monday's 11:00-11:45 am or Saturday's 10:30-11:15 am  

10 Wk Session: Sept 18- Nov 20 Cost: $100

Dress for a mess and artistic success!  Young children are free to smear, squeeze, splatter and otherwise explore artistic possibilities in our sensory play bins, writing tables, and giant paper painting for fun that is too big to try at home.  Storybook sharing inspires new ideas and creativity as children work with a variety of materials that include paints, dough, crayons, chalk, and collage.  Get ready for a messy good time.  Please bring a water bottle and Smock or old shirt for painting. 

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